All about our special Bifidus strain

All about Bifidus

Bifidus is your #1 bacteria
You were born without bacteria, and Bifidobacterium was probably the first to colonize your gut.
Eating Activia® contributes to top up this good bacteria.

3 things you need to know about our Bifidus

What makes our specific mix of strains so unique? Get to know our gut
health hero...

Bifidus and us go waaaay back

Our scientists have been researching probiotics and the gut health
connection long before it became trendy. We’ve been focusing on this one
particular strain for over 30 years.

Bifidus goes the distance

Bifidus can stay alive all the way from your mouth to your other end.
Our fermentation process makes sure every product is packed with
billions, ensuring they make it all the way to your gut.

Bifidus comes in billions

There are over 4 billion Bifidus in every 125g pot or 140g pouch of
Activia®, and over 8 billion probiotics in our 80ml shots.

Get your probiotics, just the way you like them:

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