To spoon, to sip, or to supplement?

To spoon, to sip, or to supplement?

The best way to get your probiotics down may be easier to swallow than you think… and tastier too!

Probiotics come in all shapes and sizes. You find them naturally in some fermented foods or specially formulated in pills and powders. They all contain bacteria strains, but not all bacteria are alive and gut friendly probiotics with proven benefits. Here’s why Activia pots, shots
and pouches are our favourite and delicious way to get our fill of the good stuff...

It’s simple and traditional

Foods like yogurt is the traditional and yummy way to add live bacteria to your body. After all, good bacteria have been growing naturally in fermented milk for centuries. Combine creamy yoghurt and probiotic and you get a simple ans yummy source of probiotics with Activia®.

It’s proven

30 years of expertise is nothing to shake a spoon at. Every pot of Activia® is packed with billion, good, live, gut friendly probiotics.

It’s enjoyable

No gagging or choking here. No need to mix with anything to mask the taste. Just the delicious taste of succulent fruits and creamy texture of Activia® goes down a treat.

It’s enduring

Our fermentation process makes the billions of probiotics in Activia®. These good bacteria survive the stomach acid to make it all the way to your gut.

It’s got added extras

Activia® is bursting with more than just billions of good bacteria : No added sugar & calcium. Our creamy spoonable yoghurts also contains natural protein and our delicious shots have prebiotic fibre.

It’s convenient

From old favourites like pots to new on-the-go shots and pouches, original flavours to trendy flavours, Activia® helps you to get your daily dose of probiotics super easy to

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