Not all yoghurts are created equal.

A yoghurt’s a yoghurt, right? Not quite!
While all yoghurts have live and active cultures, not all have probiotics that improve Gut Health like Activia®.
Our unique taste, texture, active and natural probiotics and gut health benefits are a precise formulation of quality ingredients and expert crafting.

Australian milk

Our yoghurt is made with 100% Australian farmed milk. The milk is collected every day and transported to our factory in Kiewa Valley where it is pasteurised and prepared for consistent
quality and even creaminess.

A unique blend of good bacteria and probiotics

Our 5 specially selected bacterial strains — including our unique activia and natural probiotic, Bifidus ActiRegularisTM, proven to survive through the stomach and reach the intestines alive — are added to turn the milk into creamy yoghurt that can help improve your digestive comfort*.

And we don’t just talk the talk. Activia® has a proven gut health claim which can only be made by products that are supported with research and strong clinical data. Danone has developed the scientific review** on Activia® reviewed by prominent opinion leaders in

30 years of expertise in fermentation

Our creamy texture, delicious taste and belly-loving bacteria didn’t just happen by accident. We’ve been perfecting our natural fermentation process since 1989. Today, the perfect balance of temperature and time keeps our yoghurt cultures alive growing so billions of our active probiotics reach you inside.

No added sugar and no artificial sweeteners

To make it even better for you, all our recipes are crafted with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, only naturally-sourced sweetener and naturally occurring sugar coming from the milk and our delicious fruits.

*By consuming 250g per day during 4 weeks as part of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle
**Source: Scientific Publication facts sheet, April 2013. Full references list available on reference page.

2023 Danone Ltd. All Rights Reserved. *Activia helps improve digestive comfort when 250g is consumed daily for at least 4 weeks as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.


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