What's all the fizz about fermentation?

What's all the fizz about fermentation?

From yogurt at breakfast to kimchi for dinner, fermented foods are on
everyone’s lips — heralded as the ultimate gut health heroes. We break
down the process to find out if it’s a whole bunch of rot or really good
for your gut…

Fermentation is the process when bacteria, yeasts or other
microorganisms break down sugars and carbohydrates and produces
different acids, gasses or alcohol. In our case, that means our mix of 5
culture strains including our probiotic turning milk into gut healthy
food and drink. Here’s how:

Milking it

We prepare a tank of pasteurised milk — which is naturally packed with
proteins and lactose, the favourite food of many bacterial strains.

Adding some culture

We add our ferments – our unique mix of 5 strains, including our unique
probiotic Bifidus Actiregularis®— to begin the fermentation process.

Turning up the heat

We heat the milk to 37° — the bacteria begin to feed on the lactose,
that is converted to lactic acid.

Growing and changing

The bacteria multiply — and the lactic acid lowers the pH of the milk,
transforming it to a smooth and creamy texture.

Digesting and benefitting

You swallow a mouthful of delicious Activia®, packed with probiotics
Bifidus Actiregularis® that survive all the way to your colon to meet
your gut microbiota bacteria.

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