The birth of our unique Probiotic

How a newborn baby inspired our own beautiful probiotic creation


Scientists discover Bifidobacteria in the bellies of newborn babies.
Not all babies have it. Just the ones who are breastfed - and they seem to suffer far fewer digestive disorders.

A breakthrough idea is conceived: to create the world’s first functional yoghurt.
Inspired by the benefits of Bifidobacteria, our scientists decide to combine them with other strains creating a yoghurt that support your digestive comfort.

We research and test for the best Bifidobacteria strain.
From in depth studies to in vitro screenings, 100s of strains go under the microscope to see which ones can survive and grow in milk.


Eureka! Introducing belly benefiting strains.
We cultivate a milk-loving mix of strains that can make it alive all the way through the digestive tract to add more good bacteria into our bellies.

Oops…our Bifidus can’t take the heat of our yoghurt making process.
Traditional fermentation temperatures of 43°C are just too high and conditions too acidic for our Bifidus to survive.

Necessity proves the mother of invention for a fresh new take on
To create the perfect conditions for our Bifidus to thrive, we craft a special blend of live yoghurt ferments that like to work slower and at lower temperatures.


Activia® is born.
Thanks to slow fermentation for 8 hours at a gentle 37°C, we create a uniquely mild and creamy yoghurt packed with 4 billion live probiotics to support your digestive comfort*.


Activia® enters the bacteria hall of fame.
Our unique mix of strains including Bifidus gets recognised for its probiotic benefits and is registered in the Pasteur strain bank.


We are now the first probiotic yoghurt brand worldwide**.
We are getting more & more passionate about gut health. And with our 30 years of know-how we are making it easy & delicious for you.
It’s our way to help you feel good inside. Because that’s where health begins.

*By consuming 250g per day during 4weeks as part of balanced diet and
healthy lifestyle
**Source: Nielsen 2018 excluding private labels

2023 Danone Ltd. All Rights Reserved. *Activia helps improve digestive comfort when 250g is consumed daily for at least 4 weeks as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.


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