The science of sensation

The Science of sensation

We've crafted our yoghurts to indulge more than just your tastebuds

These days, it seems a dish is only as delicious as it’s instagrammable… and rightly so! The pleasure of tasting goes beyond just flavour, including colour, texture and smell. That’s why we work closely with experts in sensory science to make sure Activia® delights every Aussies'
tastebuds at every level.
Using advanced equipment and insights from local consumer research, our team at Danone Nutricia Research and helps us identify which scents and sights bring high levels of satisfaction.

Our tastes

We take extreme care to find the perfect balance of Australian milk and natural ferment to delight your palate.

Our textures

To satisfied Aussie's tastebuds, we crafted Activia® pot and pouch with whole milk to make them smooth and creamy, with a silky mouthfeel. Fruit pieces stay true to their fresh origins.

Our flavours

Nothing but nature inspired. A gentle milky taste, complemented by our pleasant scent of fruit.

Our sweetness

To make it better for you, all our yoghurt are crafted with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Our sweetness comes from the natural milk sugar (lactose), stevia leaf extract and fruits.

Our colours

As nature intended… a soft, warm white. When we add fruits, we keep true to their ripe hues.

Our sounds

Mmm… mmm… mmm… delicious.

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