Good things happen at 37°

That creamy texture. Those billions of probiotic bacteria for your belly. The uniqueness of Activia® simply would not be if we hadn’t kept innovating…

25°C — A sunny day leads to a sour discovery

The world’s first yoghurt was probably discovered by chance in 10,000 BC when a bowl of raw animal milk may have turned sour in the sunshine. Through the process of natural fermentation, milk thicken and increases in acidity, stopping bad bacteria from developing.

43°C — Things start to heat up...and cool down

The world’s first modern yoghurt rolls out of Danone kitchens in 1919.
For centuries, yoghurts have traditionally been fermented at 43°C in acidic conditions. Fine for some, but not our Bifidus — the unique bacteria designed to keep your belly in balance. This live probiotic thrives at body temperature, and like us, prefers a cooler and milder tasting yoghurt which is alkaline. So to keep it in, we had to find a gentler (and tastier) way to ferment our milk.

37°C — Body temperature proves the perfect temperature

The world’s first probiotic-enriched yoghurt is crafted by Activia® in
After years of research, we swapped the standard yoghurt cultures for 5 specially selected strains that allow fermentation to occur at 37°C in a less acidic environment. Just the kind where our probiotics can thrive — and make Activia® creamier and more beneficial for your digestive comfort*.

*By consuming 250g per day during 4weeks as part of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

2019 Danone Ltd. All Rights Reserved. * By consuming 2 pots of Activia 125g per day during 4 weeks and maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.