5 strains

Our famous 5 bacteria

They’re called probiotics for a reason: it means “for life” in Latin .
After years of research, we selected 5 of the best of our own collection to create our probiotic yoghurt foods and drinks with their unique taste, texture and gut health benefits. And you can find billions of them in every Activia® products...

1 Starting with our Bifidus ActiregularisTM strain

The probiotic strain in Activia® is alive and proven to survive the passage through the entire gastro-intestinal tract. Why’s that important? Because it means that they are still viable when they reach your gut, so they add up to your own good bacteria in your body.

2 + 3 + 4 The nourishing trios of Streptococcus and Lactobacillus

The lactic acid bacteria that ferments our milk

Makes Activia® even easy to digest
by breaking down the lactose in the yoghurt

Providing mutual help for each other
by producing special types of acid that help all of the 5 bacteria grow

Makes a yoghurt, a yoghurt
combined together to ferment milk, it’s what officially defines a

5 The mild and mellow Lactococcus

Gives Activia® its delicious mild and creamy taste by releasing/creating aromatic compounds in the yoghurt

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