How to improve your gut health

How to improve your gut health

10 tips to boost your digestive comfort

What is digestive discomfort?
It’s talked about a lot in the media, but what exactly is digestive discomfort? It affects different people in different ways, but some of the most common symptoms include: feeling bloated, flatulence (farting), constipation, and a general feeling of heaviness.

Why do I have digestive discomfort?
There are lots of things that cause discomfort when you’re digesting food. Some of the most common amongst Australians are; eating very spicy or fatty food, not drinking enough water, and simply eating too much.

Here are simple tips to boost your digestive health:

1. Be a grazer, not a guzzler

Break your daily calories into small and more frequent meals (without increasing overall calorie intake).

2. Fill up on more fibre

Whole grains, legumes, and fresh fruit and veggies are important everyday.

3. Go fish

Eat fish regularly.

4. Ease off on the grease

Reduce intake of foods high in saturated fat.

5. Be pro(biotic)-active

Daily consumption of fermented dairy boosts the good bacteria in your gut.

6. Stay hydrated

Have water throughout the day, aiming for 2 litres of water everyday.

7. Take it (in) slow

What’s the rush? Chew your food well to help break it down before it gets to your belly.

8. Get some fresh air

Practice a healthy lifestyle, and regularly move your body

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10. Share your results

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