Why every body needs probiotics

Why everybody needs probiotics

Your body is home to 100 trillion bacteria and keeping them in balance is essential to your wellbeing

You’re at least as much microbe than human

For every cell in your body, there are 10 microbes. They make up around 1 to 2kg of your total body weight, and include over 1000 different species.

Your gut is their go-to home

Up to 95% of your microbes and bacteria live in your gut. They are central to your wellbeing.

They support your digestive system

Their enzymes break down the food your body cannot digest, so you can use more nutrients and energy from what you eat.

But things can go belly up…

Your gut microbiota is influenced by your diet, lifestyle and environment. Drastic changes can lead to a disrupted ecosystem, where harmful bacteria outnumber the good bacteria in some instances.

A healthy gut means a happy you

Your gut needs the right nutrients to function properly. Eating foods containing probiotics and/or prebiotics can have a positive effect on your gut and is important for both men & women, adding more beneficial bacteria to support the good guys living there.

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